Thoughts of Compassion

I am going to be collecting the beautiful things people say to me. I think I need to really find a place to keep all of them. That way I can always return home when I need to. You may recognize your words throughout this but I am keeping everyone confidential. I am just speechless sometimes with the things people say. Thank you, from my entire heart ❤

This might come out of the blue, as we have met only once and you might not even remember me. But I’ve followd your postings foe the past years and always got encouraged by the way you seem to be, so motivated and positive, wanting to help people around you and engaging in changing this world to be a better place for everyone. I’m glad we met, and if I was ever visit Canada again, I would like to meet and chat with you a little. I’ve recently started therapy to work on my own haunted past, working out issues and letting go of pain. If you ever wanted to skype or chat, I’m there. I can relate to those misery times when nothing seems to make sense. But we have to keep strong and be grateful for the love around us. I just reached out to you today to let you know that you are not alone. Hugs from the other side of the world
  • I am so proud of you, just don’t give up please.

Hey girl.
Sending you loving hugs and vibes from BC. If you need time away….Come to the rainforest. ?..just Living with raw needs and wild animals here. Sleep, work, eat, and enjoying life’s simple needs and wants….come visit. We have an empty camper here but the cold is coming fast.
I understand your world is full of great times and then just as the good comes….. bad comes too. Push thru and forget all the shit that is flying.
Heal yourself before putting too much energy out to others. Maybe cut back on the groups and activities for a while. Concentrate on you sweet girl.
You must be strong to fight!
Your dedication to fighting injustice and helping others is wonderful but please put your beautiful energy into the right things and people. Step away from the schools and follow your heart.
This world needs you and wants you in it! College is full of weirdness.
When I was having trouble understanding this world I started listening to Bashar. On you tube.If you need a loving place, away from everything.
Come here.

  • So I’ve been creeping you. Lol. And I’ve watched your videos and I feel for you. Im going through some things too and to know that I am not the only person in this world who sometimes would rather just drive off a bridge than to keep on living in pain has helped. You have so much courage. I want to be like you. But how do you keep going? Like when your heart is ripped out of your chest and all you can think about is the devastation around you what do you do? Nova Scotias mental health is a joke. And my family isn’t equipped to deal with me when I got crisis mode. How do I keep going?

I’ve not went into social work, but walked into a path of artistic work. I paint and do like it a lot. And the more I see your videos, the more I believe it is good to stand up for yourself and put yourself out there, why I started on building finally an online portfolio so I have a better chance to build up a community in the art world. So thank you for encouraging me.

  • It is sooooooo important to have self-belief. Without it we would be lost. And thankfully we have friends and family who believe in us when we feel weak. You’re doing good in reaching out even when you feel lost and broken. It is a gift to be as open and vulnerable as you can be and share it. I’m proud of you.

Hi Mikki, I haven’t seen you in probably more than half a decade as you were friends with my brother and I met you through him. After meeting you, I started to notice you around BHS when I started going there and I always noticed how happy, motivated, fun, and joyful you were. You always lit up the room with your smile, made everyone you talked to happier, could make anyone laugh whether it was something you said or just laughing because your laugh is contagious. You probably don’t even remember me, or my brother Matt Cameron, but believe me when I say I’ll always remember the little feeling of happiness when there was a smile and heart on my tims cup, or when your laugh could be heard in the halls of BHS! I’m happy you made it through your struggles in the last few days. You’re a beautiful and wonderful person! Keep being you!

  • Life is so full we need to concentrate on “now and here”………what is i front of you. You are a every bright light on this planet. We expect lots from you. You expect lots from yourself. Like me…… is important. Love is important.