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This page is solely dedicated to the other incredible projects I have come across through various beautiful souls. This page is dedicated to your intelligence, creativity, change, journey & to the part you play in this world ❤ Some of these posts are also dedicated to the places I have been around the world and the Artist’s I have run into.

If you are interested in having your work displayed please don’t hesitate to connect with me.


The FindingFelicity Project@, started with my sister after my mother passed away from AML. It is built to encourage patients to ask their doctor’s questions as well as writing about innovations in healthcare…

“A movement aiming to raise awareness for a patient’s autonomy, specifically for those suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia and type 1 diabetes. This site, albeit with a public health agenda, embraces the notion that raising awareness can be accomplished in tandem with any interesting writing, regardless of the topic. A Therapeutic Passage.  A cultural segue to more serious issues.”


So here is a link to an article on the website:

Facebook: /
Twitter: @findfelproject

My poetry which is aimed at provoking change, advocating gender equality, creating awareness for feminism, and speaking out against violence/abuse. In short, the words are gritty and not for the faint of heart. tricia1

I predominantly post on Instagram: @tmariadm

Twitter: @triciamaria


Scentsy is wickless , flameless candles that are used by a light bulb or element heating up to melt your choice of scented wax. It’s non toxic chemicals that are used in all scentsy products that are children and pet friendly.
Not just wax and warmers are offered, other products are as well such as:
* baby gifts
*body products for men and women
* car bars
* laundry products
* hand soaps
* cleaner
* natural oils
Prices are :
* nightlight warmers $24 plus tax and shipping
* $36 warners plus tax and shipping
* $42 warmers plus tax and shipping
* $ 54 warmers plus tax and shipping
 * $6 each car bars $4 scent circles.
Some products can be used in combine and save option.
Please check my site for further pricing!
Please feel free to explore my site for further information and products!





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