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Produced by:Raven Benwait Contributors: Jessica Micheline, Yanis Khamsi, Jordan Alterwood & Eric Mclaren
“Mikki Decker was sexually abused as a child. She also suffers from mental illness and attempted suicide in the year of 2015. Mikki now has several healing tools to help her build her life back. This is her survivor story.”

December 2o16, Produced by: Nicole McIntyre

Mikki Decker is a fighter. She’s battling depression, arthiritis, anorexia, self-harm and suicide attempts. She is healing every day.

“I refuse to let suicide win,” she said. She’s glad she’s one of the lucky ones who never succeeded. She wouldn’t be here to tell her most important story today.
Decker, 26, was sexually abused by her father from the ages of 5-14. “Yeah, I’m one of those stats,” she said. After years of being afraid to tell anyone about the abuse out of fear she might ruin her whole family, she finally told her mother at 20 years old. Then on Sept. 17 of this year, she gave a victim impact statement at the Sheldon Child Advocacy Centre, a move she calls her “disclosure,” through which she has realized her self-worth.
“The day I disclosed that I was sexually abused was when I decided that at this point, I’m unstoppable and not afraid of anyone,” said Decker. “If I can put away the human I hate the most in the world, who hurt me in unforgivable ways and did unforgiveable things to me, and if I can give that info to a top investigator in Calgary then I don’t see what ever would ever hold me back.”
She calls the experience “so liberating.”
She said being open about her past helps the healing process, especially between her and her mother, who was shocked when she found out about the abuse. Her mom said the years of abuse were “the best years of her life,” not knowing this was going on in her family. Now, after years of hardship and miscommunication, Decker and her mom are writing a book on their familial experiences with sexual abuse.

December 2o16, Produced By: Ashley Star
Everybody has their own life story, but many judge one another before understanding what they have been through. Looks can also be very deceiving, something which becomes clear listening to the true story of Mikki Decker, who has had to overcome a lot of heart wrenching hardship in order to become the inspirational, motivational and successful person she is today. Her purpose is to comfort others, inspire and create change in this world.

October 2o16, Produced By: Joel Caldarola Shane Pikelin Chris Hayman Blake Garbe
A mini documentary on the HSF elections, now IGNITE. I was running for president against this incredible man. Happy to have met you, worked with you, focused on actual student issues and really enjoyed our time together.