Love Your Body


This project is actually all about YOU! It has nothing to do with me. You design each photograph as the individual. I am looking to change the way society views beauty. I am looking to turn the media to the beauty that is real and has a purpose. Through this comes this project. So I am looking for you to dig a little deeper within yourself to find some things that have made you beautiful. I am a very deep and open person so please do not be afraid or scared by my openness and willing to dig deeper.

If you have struggled with any trauma, depression, learning or physical disability [seen or not]. If you have struggled with addiction, self harm, eating disorders. If you have something that you identify with in your life that is beautiful such as another person or object that you own. I am looking for many diverse ideas and stories because we are all different and have something to share. This is YOUR photo and your chance to be exactly who you are and for that to be appreciated.

I also have my feature photos that I take which involve anything from the tip of their hair to their pinky toe that they love about themselves. We then take time to photograph that part of the person. This allows for a moment of true confidence for people because we are just focusing on that one particular area. I could talk for hours about the moments I have witnessed with so many different people.

The end result of this project is to create a book to show the world beauty at it’s finest. This book will be filled with the people I have been so honored to meet and their stories and the process in which they have gone through to get to where they are. This book is going to be filled with raw emotion and overcoming the pain humans have to endure in life.

This idea of beauty is not only our inside and outside beauty. This book is going to show the world that beauty exists in the lives we surround ourselves in. It exists in the love we create, explore, and indulge in. Beauty is not only what we see but also what we have felt and been through.

As someone who has been through many different obstacles in her life and has on many different occasions felt worthless, shameful, and very ugly I have been able to overcome those troubles and have continued to find beauty from each of those experiences. I am on a mission to find that beauty in the people of today’s society to show the world that life is a painful but such a beautiful process.

Photographs :


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