IGNITE Activism

Why I will continue to stand up against the injustice and wrong within Humber/Guelph Humber and IGNITE.



A student petition at the University of Guelph-Humber is demanding birth control costs to be fully covered by student health insurance.

Mikki Decker, the author of the petition being shared on Change.org, said that there is an ethical dilemma when the health plan coverage of contraceptives only provides women up to three months of birth control. She wants full coverage.

Decker said, “today is 2016, we are in a space where we have advanced so far in women’s rights that we shouldn’t be fighting or trying to figure out why we are only being given birth control for three months.”

Ahmed Tahir, the president of Ignite discussed the request with the service coordinator. After that conversation, Tahir came away with the impression that better coverage of birth control would most likely raise the costs of health plans.

“In order to add coverage, we will try to remove and replace things that are less utilized within the plans to hopefully keep the premiums to a low,” Tahir said.

Tahir said that to pass the petition started by Decker, the process would require three-steps. The petition first needs to be approved by a fee protocol committee comprised of Humber and Guelph-Humber representatives who mandate new and increased fees according to Humber.ca. Then the petition must be agreed to by the Board of Directors at Ignite and then be approved by Humber’s Board of Governors.

Tahir said he is looking into better coverage of contraceptives in the school’s health plans but any chance can take up to two years.

SIGN PETITION HERE if you believe all women on campus should have better access to health care at Humber and Guelph Humber.


HSF Election: Decker disqualification tops town hall meeting NewsPolitics

Samantha Singh with files from Samantha Juric and Jessica Reyes

The two remaining Humber Students’ Federation presidential candidates commented publicly Thursday on the sudden dismissal this week of Mikki Decker, the other candidate in the race.

Ahmed Tahir and Joel Caldarola spoke to Humber News two days after Decker was disqualified because of her grade point average not meeting HSF standards.

She was notified of her disqualification after the all candidates forum on March 1. According to the HSF constitution, qualified candidates must have an average of 70 per cent.

“It sucks, because she was working the past week to campaign,”said Tahir, current HSF president.

“But it is what it is in terms of it’s in our constitution to have certain academic standing to be qualified as a candidate,” he said.

This came as a shock because Decker, who up to this week was vice president of student affairs, said she was under the impression that the standard was a 65 per cent average.

As well, Decker raised issues about her mental health with Humber News.

“Not only have I been completely transparent as a student and as a human and as the VP around my mental health…The fact that I have obtained a 65 per cent is miraculous,” Decker said.

Not only was she disqualified as a candidate, under the same rules and regulations she is no longer allowed to be the vice president of student affairs at North campus.

Ercole Perrone, executive director of HSF told Humber News on Wednesday, “we only found out about her fall semester grades, Sunday night, so that’s why the timing of the decision kind of looks a little off because that’s when the information became available.”

In response to the news Decker added, “It’s absolutely impossible as a student to get past a 70 per cent with mental health sometimes, and HSF doesn’t understand mental health. Period.”

Perrone defended HSF’s actions.



Jess Reyes and Sam Juric

Today marked the 2016 Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) candidates meeting which was held at the North Campus Student Centre.

Following the presidential candidates question and answer portion, candidate Mikki Decker was stripped of her title as VP of Student Affairs and removed from the race.

Erecole Perrone, executive director of HSF attributed her dismissal to her poor academic standing which was in violation of the HSF constitution.

HSF stipulates that all candidates for student governance maintain a GPA of 70 per cent or higher. Decker’s GPA amounted to a 65 per cent average.

Decker did not agree with the ruling and spoke to Humber News following the meeting.


Tahir agreed with Perrone that HSF handled Decker’s dismissal appropriately.

“Whether it’s fair or not isn’t for us to determine right now,” said Tahir.

Joel Caldarola, Tahir’s only remaining opponent found the grounds for Decker’s termination to be highly problematic.

“I think there should be some leeway here because it doesn’t make sense for this student [Decker]. We want to encourage people to run for office and putting unnecessary roadblocks in their way doesn’t make sense,” Caldarola said.

Humber Et Cetera found out first hand that Decker was also a student receiving academic accommodation due to her challenges with mental health.

“We can talk all we want about bringing in a fall reading week or other things of a slightly frivolous nature but mental health is a problem that needs to be addressed and the services are lacking here,” Caldarola said.

“I can see how that might have angered some people who want to maintain a squeaky clean perception of our school and HSF,” he said.

“[HSF] are very concerned with the way they appear, very concerned. It gets problematic because you can’t tell whether they are putting that appearance ahead of the students they are supposed to be protecting,” he said.


HSF president remains a key position in the electoral battleground, with this year’s HSF President Ahmed Tahir running against Vice-President of Student Affairs Mikki Decker and newcomer Joel Caldarola. If elected the president is expected to attend meetings and lead a team of executives.


Mikki Decker weighs in

Mikki Decker, former VP of Student Affairs who was disqualified in the 2016 HSF election, challenged the IGNITE members repeatedly, often raising her voice in anger. She questioned the overall $400,000 expenditure, IGNITE’s communication style and the lack of accessibility of IGNITE’s new website.

You can watch one example of Decker’s many questions to the IGNITE board here.

(The video appears in its entirety, the only that changes were made to the original footage was to include subtitles.)


IGNITE employee seizes reporter’s phone

About halfway through the question period, Decker walked across the student centre to approach a group of students and was followed by Humber News reporter Tyler Bloomfield, who wanted an interview.

As he started to film Decker, an IGNITE staff member, who identifies on Facebook as Ayan Davis, grabbed the phone out of his hand. Bloomfield retrieved his phone from Davis and proceeded to question her actions with the camera rolling.

“Excuse me, what was the deal with that … Why did you take my phone?” asked Bloomfield.

Davis responded with a slap to the phone and said “Why do you have a camera in my face?”

Davis was quickly ushered away by a full-time IGNITE staff member.

You can watch the entire interaction in the video below.


After the event Humber News reporters Bloomfield and Erian Amor De Los Reyes were approached by security and told that a complaint had been filed against them. Humber Public Safety Supervisor Ken Domingo would not disclose who filed the complaint.

Security asked Bloomfield and De Los Reyes to delete the video – ironically, the reporters were standing beside a sign disclosing that the event was being held in an authorized media zone.


There will be an IGNITE Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 12 in North campus room D109.

The rebranding will be the main topic of conversation at a Special Meeting of the Members on Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the IGNITE Student Centre.


Proof of being IGNORED:

It is incredibly frustrating when your VP’s have you blocked but engage on posts you are active on.

What the actual…you claim your FB’s are private yet you use them to advocate and speak in your position on all PUBLIC pages.

I would like to see all Ignite Student Life VP’s create PUBLIC profiles for themselves if they are going to be speaking to students.

How is it fair that some students are blocked and have ZERO access in these conversations?

How is it fair that they are excluding students from conversations THEY happen to be starting.

#ignitedoublestandards #studentfrustration #alltheugh



But then again…I was promised answers how long ago by another VP and here is PROOF of me being ignored.


That is what all females are going into frosh

Hey Mikki, I was on a Skype call. I have received your messages. I believe my family just stepped in. Let’s talk during the week next week! Thanks again Mikki 🙂

Thank you
SEP 11TH, 11:54AM
It is September 11th and you promised on August 27th to get back to me with my student questions.

I dont understand why I am going on 6 weeks of being ignored now.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 6.13.45 PM.png


So this just needs to be addressed. This time last year while I was in office as the VP of Student Affairs for North Campus the Rugby team were removed from all playing rights. I am now trying to find out what happened and why there was no follow up.

How does Humber and Guelph Humber have their first #TakeBackTheNight but won’t even address the #RapeCulture that exists on our campus. Between this investigation that took place and the notice after notice that gets posted on the front doors…we have a problem. We are not taking the leadership or responsibility as an institution and governments to counteract the rape culture we are dealing with. Instead we spend our time talking about Brandon University, Brock Turner and avoiding the real conversation people wanted to have.

Very little students are even AWARE this happened. They covered it up with hazing. I am here to bring this back to the tale. I am here and would like to figure out what happened and the follow up that occurred.

I am here to demand that Humber, Guelph Humber, IGNITE and our Athletics answer to the students about how this was handled, communicated and where the disclosure happened? For me…there was no disclosure.

For me…as VP of student affairs I wasn’t even told about this happening on campus. Not until I spent 15 minutes with a member of the team who then quoted trying to get his team back. At first I was on board with this as it was over hazing and I thought there were many things to help change the Rugby team.

Then when I left one of the front desk staff, Ayan informed me the were under a rape investigation. This student was coming back in 15 minutes to develop an action plan. I never felt more disgusted and torn in my entire life.

He then came back and before we really got talking I need to talk to him about what really happened. In which he quoted the following statements —

“our team matters, we did nothing wrong…we just want to play” “that girl is gone and has no social life…so can we just play…its over with”

No we can’t just play. We need to be aware so that all students can make a decision based on all knowledge of their surrounding.

Below are all the articles I have found.


Campus safety

Tahir said that the Humber Students Federation continues to push several safety campaigns across campus.

“We have the student life line which runs 24-7 and tonnes of counsellors available,” he said.

“There’s been a huge focus on sexual assault on campus this year,” Tahir said.

Community response

Humber News reporters Nick Beare and Tonia Venneri took to Humber’s halls to ask students their thoughts on the teams’ suspensions.



After the teams’ suspensions were announced on Oct. 2, Toronto Police Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu told Humber News police were called to Humber’s North campus the previous evening to investigate an alleged sexual assault incident that took place on Sept. 25.

“Someone became aware of the situation and relayed it to school security, who in turn called police,” Sidhu said.

Sidhu told Humber News that the complaint allegedly referred to members of Humber’s rugby teams.

However, she added a complainant had not come forward and there is no word on any suspects.

McMillen denied that the investigation leading up to the suspension was related in any way to reports of a police investigation involving members of the rugby teams.

“I can’t speak to another organization’s processes or what the Toronto Police Service told you. I can tell you that any time that police are involved in incidents on campus, we cooperate to the fullest extent possible,” she said.


TORONTO — An Ontario college has suspended its men’s and women’s varsity rugby programs after alleged violations of the school’s code of expectations.

Humber College says an internal investigation is underway into alleged misconduct, and players and coaches were told of the suspension on Friday afternoon.

The school’s code of expectations includes guidance on dress codes, hazing, alcohol and drug use, among other areas.

Humber wouldn’t provide details of the alleged misconduct, only saying that it was not in keeping with its institutional values related to athletics and student life.

Humber says all its varsity team players are told that “conduct detrimental to the team is not permitted and that any team not following the rules may be suspended.”



‘Not an easy decision’

It says the teams are suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

“This was not an easy decision to come by,” said director of communications Andrew Leopold. “We take matters of our athletics, of our students, we take all this very seriously.”

Leopold noted that the investigation was looking at the actions of both the men’s and women’s teams.

He added that the college would try to be as “efficient and effective” as possible in conducting its investigation.

The school also says it has informed the Ontario College Athletics Association and representatives from the other teams in their division of the suspension.

Humber has campuses in Toronto and Orangeville, Ont.


I think we as students deserve an update, answers and explanation as to how this happened and none of us were informed or given any insight as to what was happening.

So sad to already see my student Government treating it like this :

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 4.18.59 PM.png


Mikki Decker Do you have any updated regarding the Rugby team and them having their team removed due to the rape investigation?
Like · Reply · 42 mins


Ignite Student LifeIgnite Student Life IGNITE is not involved with decisions regarding disciplining students who violate the Student Code of Conduct or the Varsity Code of Expectations.
Like · Reply · 4 mins


Mikki DeckerMikki Decker Well luckily my comment had NOTHING to do with that and just asking my student government if they have any updates.

Seeing as Ahmed was interviewed and some full time staff were aware of this on campus last year.So I don’t see why it’s a big deal…I would hope my student government would be right up there in terms of being aware of the cases on our campus.In fact its imperative that our student government is being proactive and active on campus.

So saying…IGNITE is not involved with decisions regarding disciplining students who violate the Student Code of Conduct or the Varsity Code of Expectations.

You basically just said — IGNITE doesn’t have the time to be concerned with the current rape culture on campus and we are not going to be doing much about it either. But here is our life line and website.

Can I ask why you have no information as you are a huge entity on campus? How are you not aware of the status of our rugby team and the investigation that happened last year?

It is incredibly frustrating when your VP’s have you blocked but engage on posts you are active on.

What the actual…you claim your FB’s are private yet you use them to advocate and speak in your position on all PUBLIC pages.

I would like to see all Ignite Student Life VP’s create PUBLIC profiles for themselves if they are going to be speaking to students.

How is it fair that some students are blocked and have ZERO access in these conversations?

How is it fair that they are excluding students from conversations THEY happen to be starting.



Let’s settle this once and for all. I didn’t film a thing yesterday besides myself asking why I was blocked by 6 executives. Second Ayan came after me when I left thinking she had the right to yell and curse in my face. At the time I was answering student questions and being filmed. Then once she had enough stormed off and Tyler was on his way to interview me. Then she freaked out and got very aggressive with this reporter. She is an ignite staff and represents this organization. This is also so obvious that we are being sexist. If the genders were rehearsed the harassment card would have been thrown asap. But it’d not because we accept women treating men with such disrespect…I don’t allow that.
So to all students…get your story straight and don’t you dare try to twist this. It’s very clear and everyone is upset because there is proof of once again an ignite staff being in appropriate 

Not to mention the staff who used the word FAGGOT on campus during orientation.
It’s time for ignite staff to be held accountable.
Plain and simple.

Oct 5th Info Rebrand Session


Incredible story done by Aastha Shetty

Tahir said, “I think there has been a lot of misinformation on why we are doing certain things and I think people have been jumping into conclusions…We release[d] the information because people definitely need to know where their money went. There has been a lot of confusion.”

The Student Collective’s founder Mikki Decker said, “A categorized budget only allows for Ignite to bury the real issues under a generalized number.” She said that the real problem is a lack of transparency. “You could ask anybody in Guelph-Humber or in Humber – nobody knew Ignite was coming. So who did they survey?”

Full Media List:


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