5 Concept Rule

We live in a world where each day we are forever changing into products of our thoughts, choices, actions and lived experience. We are challenged every moment to hold our existence accountable to this world. A world which cannot hold itself accountable to us. To fight the madness everyday would drive each of our souls to hide and become dark shades of matter that don’t live to exist. We instead must find ways to challenge the world everyday we open the door to allow this world to change, mould and morph us into beings we are proud of. How we fight this in our day to day lives is a clear distinction of our abilities as human beings and our character.

I write to you from the perspective of lived experience. I do not have a formula that is calculated to work everyday I wake up. I do know  that when I follow this pattern my days are filled with a lot of success, happiness and I find myself more content before closing my eyes to be in dream land. 


I think one thing we struggle with is sometimes overthinking or analyzing something too much. We find ourselves wrapped up in this long list of To Do’s with no sight in how to accomplish the first bullet point. I found myself so overwhelmed with all the lists I had to get accomplished and I would always carry items not checked off to the next day. This became something that hindered my ability to even get the day started. So I stopped having a constant list and I began with waking up. I began with setting that alarm and just committing to the next morning. After having woken up is when I started making my list and sure I remembered some from the day before that were important and so I added them that morning. The point is that I was able to shut my day off and turn my day on. Not have this continuous flow of energy of things to get done. It does carry with you and so if you are able to control the flow of that line of energy…you will find the ease of stress. 


The sun rises for us each and every day, she greets us with warmth and light. A new beginning to a day that has the opportunity to stretch our own worlds. The sun is a magnificent source of energy, warmth and comfort. She offers us the time to heal and find love in ourselves that we never knew existed. Take the time to appreciate her and let her fill you with the warmth you deserve. Every morning she offers a slightly different version of energy..none to turn away.

I know I have taken advantage of this very resource in my own life. I have gone days on end without saying hello to the sun or even letting her have the change to fill me with energy, love or healing. It’s a shame really as I sit here thinking about that fact. I am going to commit to spending more time doing concepts 1 & 2 together ❤



We actually spend so much time depriving ourselves of feeling good for being who we are. I wish we spent more time talking good about our lives and who we have become rather than tearing ourselves down. Again, I am no perfect soul and have done nothing but tear myself a part but on the days I have my most success…I haven’t. I have done the opposite. I have woken up..looked in the mirror with pure confidence and told myself I can. I truthfully found myself believing in my capabilities to change my life in that moment.

Do not be afraid of these moments. 


Taking care of yourself is something that is hard to navigate, mostly because you have to figure out what that even means. I remember when the terms self love and care came into my life, I was very confused and had no idea of the two concepts. Something I wish we were taught in class at a young age. Something I wish my family practiced and taught each other. 

Both of the above look different for everyone and no one has the right to judge another person’s list of self care choices. As long as they are healthy and don’t cause harm to the person or anyone else I do not see how they can’t be considered self love or care. Again what you decide goes in either category I find is up to you as well.

Self Care – Showering, brushing my teeth, warm heating pads, naps, taking my medication, bunnies.

Self Love – My style, lotion on my body after showers, affirmations, meditation, bunnies, doing my nails, taking care of self harm episodes, buying myself things that I enjoy having


Last and certainly not least is taking the time to rest, nap, sleep and re energize yourself. Find that comfy spot where you can just fall away in. Dream land is a wonderful place to get lost in and when you find yourself there that means you have done a good job of allowing yourself to rest.

Do not feel guilty for taking the time to rest for yourself. It is so important we give ourselves time to charge up and restore our energy.


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