To Ignite — A lesson on Consent

I plan on writing out my thoughts in the form of Facebook Notes. Feel free to follow and read. They are coming from a place of compassion and a fierce fight for change. Enjoy.

I am going to add all the screen shots of the FROSH VIDEO I do have. Please do notify me if you know anyone in the video! I really want to reach out to these students.


Last year there was a rape case on campus, is this something you never considered when you released this video?

This was released by CBC and I think a lot of my email and concerns also support this article and why reports may be low.…


This video was released last year for Humber students:…
Why is there no links to any of these resources for students on the IGNITE website :…

Let me paint a picture:

I am survivor. I am a student who was a previous VP and was successful in that election. I then ran for president with a platform focused on sexual assault. I was fired and taken out of the election and publicly humiliated based on my GPA. I then have many students reach out who have been through assault on campus for resources. It was one of the worst moments in my entire life. I was running and could have been able to say to these students that YES in fact we do.

THEN fast forward to the release of IGNITE. You then have the top 10 students article released with one of them have a GIF of a party. Again, nothing wrong but why should any female student feel ashamed or embarrassed for any of that?

So they release the blue solo cups and then reinforce them in this GIF and article.

People say that I am wasting my time bringing this to the table among with other issues I have raised.

I can assure you as a survivor and student activist I can’t think of a better time to be a student.
SLIDESHOW – A series of Photos showing my attempt in connecting to IGNITE about the Frosh Video. Yet there seems to be no concern here from out Student Government.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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